Keynote speech at Swedish-Polish Innovation Forum in Warsaw

It was a great honour being invited to deliver a keynote speech on Technological Innovation and discussing the topic with a panel consisting of numerous prominent Swedish/Polish public personalities. The forum, which was hosted in Warsaw by the Swedish Embassy was a collaboration between Business Sweden and the Swedish and Polish Ministries of Business/Innovation. Other topics on the agenda included how Sweden and Poland can collaborate, learn from each other and how Poland can be the next nation to create the Spotifies, Skypes, Ericssons and iZettles. The Polish Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy, Janusz Piechocinski and the Minister of Enterprise and Innovation Sweden, Mikael Damberg signed a letter of intent to increase collaboration. Numerous Swedish and Polish Enterprises such as Volvo Busses AB and BAE Systems were present during the signing and discussing the collaboration opportunities.

I got an opportunity to share my thoughts on the topic of Innovation but more importantly, I got to a chance to learn more from my co-panelists and from the Polish Business community. The policy makers have done their part, now I wish the agencies and companies the best of luck in finding and creating synergies between our markets.



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New Method for Reducing the Impact of Breast Cancer

This new method for reducing the impact of breast cancer targets the enzymes (Lox) released by the tumours; enzymes that create holes in the bones, thus creating passage ways for the metastatic cancer cells to spread. This research shows that drugs used for preventing osteoporosis can be used for blocking the process of holes being produced in the bones, therefore inhibiting the spread through, and growth of metastatic cells in the bones. Very exciting research which can hopefully result in the development of new treatment methods of cancer.



Breast cancer could be ‘stopped in its tracks’ by new technique, say scientists | Society | The Guardian Discovery of method for blocking enzyme that spreads cancer cells to bones is described as ‘important progress’ in prevention of secondary stage of disease



Costs of Fossil Fuels higher than previously calculated

When comparing the prices of energy – we typically compare price per unit (for example kWh) – but totally omit the other costs incurred as a consequence of its consumption. This new report sheds new light over the real costs of the cost of using fossil fuels:



IMF estimates trillions in hidden fossil-fuel costs | Business Spectator



Future of Med: Technological Systems with Clinical Knowledge


IBM’s Watson Health Drives New Era of Computing IBM’s Watson Health project aims to marshal huge amounts of patient data and turn it into a new generation of services for patients and providers. President and CEO Ginni Rometty discussed the project

IBM’s Watson processes Medical Textbooks, Healthcare Journals and Patient Medical Data to learn to provide Medical Recommendations.