Endoscopes are cameras, connected to a cable, which are inserted into an area otherwise not visible by the eye. They have been used for a while for plumbing purposes, but are most commonly used in medical contexts (to view the tissue in the throat (oesophagus), the GI-tract (intestines etc) to detect changes such as cancers or other conditions causing symptoms in patients.

I’m a huge follower of how technology is becoming smaller, cheaper and faster. In this case we can see that Endoscopes have been developed that can be connected to your smartphone:

Endoscope connected to an android phone


The possibilities this brings along are enormous: suddenly a physician working in a remote part of the country is able to bring along the Endoscope to diagnose/investigate patients in parts where these devices weren’t available. This device costs less than $20! Yes, while it is true that it is probably not approved for medical purposes yet – it’s only a question when these devices DO become much more readily available for clinical use in those settings. At such a low price we are able to ensure that medicine and the right to medical treatments becomes truly democratised and where we CAN live up to make it a human right that every individual has a right (and affordability) to obtain.

Mobile Endoscopy is here!