As the world is heading towards cashless transactions and increased use of digital payment methods this is also raising the bar for how merchants, shops and institutions handle these payment methods.


Media outlets are reporting that the fraudulent credit card industry to turn over over a staggering 40 billion dollars annually.

When the penalties for credit card fraud is less than of traditional robbery and the price of getting access to personal details leaked in the EBay hacks is less than 10 Usd it’s time to turn towards:

  1. Modernising the legal framework surrounding cyber crime
  2. Working towards increased awareness in cyber security and actively implement secure payment systems.



What could eBay hackers do with your data (…and why your personal info is more valuable to fraudsters than your credit card details) | This is Money The personal details of 15 million users in the UK have been compromised following the data hack, which was several months ago but revealed just this week.




Ditt kontokort kan vara till salu – Att köpa dina kontouppgifter är “lika lätt som att handla mat på nätet”, enligt Intel Security. Trots att kostnaden för ditt kort är några hundralappar omsätter marknaden över 3 700 miljarder. Siffrorna är skrämmande, enligt polisen.


Digitalisation of Future Crimes