I find it incredibly fascinating how we can use non-medical ways of treating severe medical conditions like cancers. This game Re:mission allows kids (impact is primarily measured on children) to play a game where they basically defeat cancer-cells through an animated video game. What’s amazing about it is that it:

  1. Allows the patients to understand their condition better
  2. Gives a sense of empowerment that they CAN in fact defeat it
  3. Point 2 above results in the patients becoming more motivated to fulfill their treatment and be more consistent in taking the medicine


This says that gamification has a lot of potential in the sector. This game is aimed towards cancer-patients. What about other diseases such as diabetes/cardiovascular diseases – to encourage healthier lifestyle and sustained medication? What about Alzheimers disease and slowing/stopping cognitive decline?

Super exciting area with lots of potential



Video game aims to help young cancer patients – CNN.com In the battle against cancer, one video game is taking the deadly disease head-on. And some young patients are the winners.” name=”description





Nya dataspelet Re-Mission 2 är läkarnas nya vapen för att hjälpa barn med cancer | Digitala livet | Partner studio | Aftonbladet

Spränger cellerna i bitar – för att vinna mot sin egen sjukdom

SAN FRANCISCO. Nate Dennis-Benford, 17, tänker vinna mot sin cancer. Hans inspiration: Ett datorspel som spränger cancerceller i luften. – Jag är sjutton år och oövervinnerlig. Klart jag kommer klå min cancer.


Using computer games to combat cancer