The way forward in medical systems is obviously to digitalise the medical records. This is an approach hospitals in developing countries are taking (in favour of/ as complement to paper records). This comes as a result of being able to preserve it remotely (in case of fire), sharing it with other medical institutes as required when treating patients. But having medical systems digitalised also put a lot more challenges in terms of keeping the patient integrity and confidentiality as this poses risks to these leaking. This can be seen from medical institutes in Sweden and US being attached with the aim of obtaining confidential information about patients:

Unauthorised able to read Patient Medical Records (NyTeknik: Sweden/Swedish)


Obehöriga kunde läsa patientjournaler – NyTeknik Obehörig personal har kunnat läsa patientjournaler på Karolinska sjukhuset. Nu ska Datainspektionen för första gången undersöka situationen i de övriga 20 landstingen.



Escalating Cyberattacks Threaten US Healthcare Systems Electronic health records are prime targets because healthcare organizations lack the resources, processes, and technologies to protect them. And it’s only going to get worse.



Future of technology has a lot of potential to unlock but also pose a significant amount of risks which need to be mitigated and handled.

Technological Development also means a lot of risks