Parallel to running our start ups (yes more on that to come!) Katherine and myself are currently hosting the Stanford University/YCombinator in our respective home towns. The class is organised by the American Accelerator YCombinator featuring the Start-Up worlds most successful personalities including Dustin Moskovitz (co-funder Facebook), Marissas Mayer (CEO Yahoo) and Peter Theil (Founders Fund and co-founder PayPal). The courses consists of video-stream lectures  which are followed by discussions and workshops after the sessions


Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

When: Every Tuesday and Thursday between 8 PM- 9PM
Where:, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
More info: Click here


Stockholm, Sweden

When: Every Wednesday Between 6 PM- 9PM
Where: SUP46 Regeringsgatan 29, Stockholm, Sweden
More info: Click here


Looking forward towards holding these sessions!

Course: How to Start a Start-Up