First days at Singularity University! Singularity University is a research institute at NASA Research Park with the aim to leverage technology to improve the life for a billion people! Read more about Singularity University Here.

We’ve had the opportunity to get to know our roommates, carry out team building exercises as well as play around in the innovation lab where we’ve tested the 3D printer as well as with mini-droned (unmanned Aerial Vehicle). Image if we could use these for transportation of medicines rather than for military uses!

Looking forward towards a fantastic summer with these driven and charismatic young leaders – 80 people representing 36 countries!


Me and Katherine from the Dominican Republic decided to make a joint blog to post our experiences while we’re here! She’s really cool and is the first person to have used 3D printing technology to custom make medical prosthetics for underprivileged patients in the Domican Republic. Read more about her here

First days at Singularity University